• Welcome To Universal Communication Skills

    Welcome To Universal Communication Skills

    We offer courses and products that can help with youth and children for today's parents.
  • The Right Training

    The Right Training

    Universal Communication Skills has the right training to help in many areas.
  • Learning The Right Skills

    Learning The Right Skills

    Sometimes we need the right approach to learn the best skill and find the right solution.
  • Universal Communication Skills

    Universal Communication Skills

    We offer services to help with children and youth, communication skills that last for generations.
  • Sometimes Your Nerves Are Shot

    Sometimes Your Nerves Are Shot

    There is no book to help raise your children but there is a lot of experience that can help!

Dr. Miral Hassan Brings Universal Communication Skills ( Coaching for life)

Welcome to Universal Communication Skills, we offer communication programs and courses to help with the most important part of effective living, communication.  The act of communicating involves verbal, non-verbal, and para-verbal components. The verbal component refers to the content of our message‚ the choice and arrangement of our words. The non-verbal component refers to the message we send through our body language. The para-verbal component refers to how we say what we say – the tone, pacing and volume of our voices.

In order to communicate effectively, we must use all three components to do two things:

1. Send clear, concise messages.

2. Hear and correctly understand messages someone is sending to us.

Communication Involves Three Components:

1. Verbal Messages – the words we choose

2. Paraverbal Messages – how we say the words

3. Nonverbal Messages – our body language

Universal Communication Skills can bring you effective training from Dr. Miral Hassan a certified instructor that deals with Parent Effectiveness Training, Youth Effectiveness Training and many other relationship and communication skills. With her training from Gordon Training International, Miral is the right person to help you build a relationship with your child, your boss or your loved one through communication.