Dr. Miral Hassan

Dr. Miral Hassan

My name is Dr. Miral Hassan MSD, DMS. Perhaps like many of you, I was a parent that was never taught how to have a meaningful relationship with my daughter. After enrolling in P.E.T. and learning the skills they had to offer, I was so amazed at the relationship that developed between my daughter and I. So much so, that I became a Certified Instructor to teach P.E.T to parents like me and Y.E.T. to youth like my daughter. Although, I am still practicing Dentistry, I do so on a part-time basis. P.E.T. and Y.E.T. has changed my life in all aspects. Now I am passionate about the opportunity to teach these amazing communication and relationship tools and skills internationally that have the potential to improve anyone’s relationships anywhere in the world.


I was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt. My parents owned a hospital and I was able to assist the doctors with their surgeries, and help my dad with the management until I graduated. I went to school at the E.G.C. (English Girls College) high school and I graduated from the University of Alexandria, Faculty of Dentistry. I received my Bachelor degree in Dentistry and Oral Medicine Surgery and then applied for my specialty graduating with honors and a Masters’ Degree in Dental Orthodontics. I moved to Canada to pursue more opportunities and in 2007 became an Orthodontic Consultant.

Gordon Training International

I studied communications through Gordon Training International (GTI) based in Solana Beach, California. I fell in love with the practicality of the material they offer. The skills I have acquired through GTI challenged my conventional approach to communication and gave me skills I never knew existed. With this, I see huge opportunities to give back to my community, my friends, my family, and myself; for that I am so grateful and very excited to pass all these wonderful skills on to everybody.

My Passion

I am happy and grateful for all the blessings and help that I have. I love children and my passion is traveling the world coaching professionals on how to create effective and lasting relationships with their kids. I have the desire to impact people’s lives by creating an understanding, acceptable atmosphere through the new language I offer to happy families and business owners.