The Adventures of Chirpy

A Children's Book

BC Children’s Hospital @BCCHF says: “The Adventures of Chirpy” is a children’s book with a BCCH connection – $2 from every copy sold is donated!”

In this book, author Bud Johnson & illustrator Dr. Miral Hassan have created a new and fun-loving character named Chirpy. Chirpy gives parents an interactive story that encourages children to believe in themselves while discovering the full potential of their own thoughts and feelings.

“Chirpy’s First Time Flying” is a story about a bird and the decisions he faces before taking the first flight out of his nest. It allows parents to interact with their child, discussing the fears and influences Chirpy has to encounter. In the end he chooses to listen to the positive influences ONLY. Believing in himself, Chirpy decides that he “Can Do It”. By confronting his fears, Chirpy bravely jumps into his success and takes his first flight off into the sunset.

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