Dr. Mohsen of my P.E.T. class

Dear Dr. Miral,
I am writing to thank and inform you that I am very happy to get the chance to attend the P.E.T. program with you in Canada , B.C. As I felt that I found the key for what I was looking for since long time, I have the motives to change and improve my relations to all the people around me specially my daughter, she is growing up and has her mind which I want to match with, her recent thoughts about life and future with adding to her my experience. That key ( P.E.T. sessions ) which opened the door to help me how and which way I have to follow,  to feel comfortable and wining the media around me, specially my daughter . Thank you again for the professional and easy way in teaching me P.E.T. course.

          With My Best Regards ,
           Dr. Mohsen Abouel Enain
           General Surgeon

Bud Johnson

The techniques I learned in P.E.T. are amazing, the skill sets are like learning a new language, that are not only improving my communication and relationships with my family, they are equally transferable to my business world.

            Bud Johnson
            Best Selling Author, and Artist

Huma Lakhani

Hi Miral
PET  course is the reminder for us to remember that what is  Real Human behavior suppose to be.   It is a course that helps us to improve and remind us how human should behave in their relationships with children and with others. This course has depth that reaches to nourish our souls and physical health. When we have good thoughts and attitudes then we do not suffer from stress and ultimately gain good health

Miral Hassan,  Certified Relationship Instructor, she encourages me through this course to remember my real self  and to understand others behavior/actions for better  relationship at home and at work place.

Huma Lakhani
Life Artist in the field of Humanitics

Edward Osborne

Hello Dr. Miral Hassan
As a business owner and a parent of two children and grandfather to five grandchildren it was amazing to learn from you, an instructor whose spirit, passion and enthusiasm is contagious and electrifying, while pleasantly teaching me to understand how my normal way of communicating unknowingly and unintentionally causes uncertainty and conflicts to others.

These skills and concepts are new to me, as I have never been exposed to any of them during schooling or collage but learning this new way to communicate that resolves conflicts before they start has been most beneficial in both my professional and personal life.

It is magical for me to witness how immediately from day one, learning these skills each week and applying them on a daily bases has dramatically improved my relationships with everyone. To the point my daughter asked me, “Is this new person here to stay”

I want to thank you so much Miral for improving the quality of my life through teaching me how to effectively communicate with others.

Sincerely yours;

Edward Osborne